About Clyde Grubbs

The Rev. Dr.  Clyde Grubbs has been active in the struggle for peace and justice for six decades.

Since 1994,  Clyde has been a Unitarian Universalist minister serving congregations in Indiana, Quebec, Massachusetts, Texas, Florida and California. He is married to The Rev. Dr.

Michelle Walsh, a Unitarian Universalist community minister who teaches at Boston University.   Together they lead a community ministry called Tuckerman Creative Ministries for Justice and Healing.

Clyde honors his Native American heritage (Texas Cherokee), which informs his spiritual understanding and practice, and his anti-racist and anti-oppressive commitment.  Clyde’s political understanding has been informed by a commitment to the working class and colonized peoples of the world,  and over many years of struggle he has come to understand that the current ecological crisis results from the present social and economic system, which values profits over people and the the good of  planet.  Therefore Capitalism and those who profit from it  must be confronted and overcome through a world wide movement of people committed both to personal transformation and the renewal of relationships with each other.

Clyde joins with others who share this commitment to Socialism.