Spiritual Direction for the end times?

The spiritual tradition of “the West” (Europe)  has been decidedly “other worldly.”   There was Heaven above and that was the site of all lofty aspirations.   Living on this earth was considered to be a ordeal, and trail to see if our souls were good enough for the spiritual life in the “life beyond.”    It was said that this our world would be coming to end, but a new creation would coming soon.  It is key to understanding this formative “worldview” that it saw the good creation, the promised heavenly existence arising on the ashes of this creation,  the world in live and move and have our being.

What does it mean to seek a spiritual life for living deeply and fully in this world,  embracing this always evolving,  always renewing creation.  What does it mean to understand that as part of our spiritual life we most live in harmony with this earth, and if the aspiration to beloved community is to realized it must be realized by human beings evolved to live on this planet.

With the escalation of ecological degradation and “climate change,”  we are again hearing about the end of times,  but this time without the ancient eschatological hope.  What we foresee if we do not reverse the carbon emissions and attendant ecological destructions is an “unlivable ecology.”    Spiritually centered activists who can sustain the struggle for  communities that are both”beloved” and “sustainable” are needed.

What will end in the coming moment?   We must choose to end is the Domination System that exploits the earth and impoverishes humanity.   People So Bold is dedicated to that end,  that we might celebrate the beauty of this earth, and glory in her gifts for a long time to come.



















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